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Viral video: Kerala priest’s amazing dance is breaking the internet


Few days ago a video become viral and got millions of views and was shared thousand time on internet , It shows a group of people led by a priest dancing enthusiastically in front of a church. The video has been posted by a Facebook user Shine Antony on June 27 and people are going bananas over this priest with as awesome dancing skills as the students. They were dancing on a Christian song.

The clip begins with a few young people dancing in front of a church. When the beat drops, a priest identified as Father Merton D Silva, who serves at a church in Kerala, makes his appearance. He dances exuberantly amidst the students in his long white robe.He left everyone agape with his phenomenal moves. With the powerful dance movies it won’t be an overstatement to say that the priest’s fabulous dancing skills were no less than that of a professional dancer.