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VHP supports jallikattu


New Delhi: Supporting the demand for holding of jallikattu, VHP today said the judiciary should not interfere in ancient beliefs of the Hindus and that those who are “sentimental” about bulls’ lives better demand a ban on cow slaughter.

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“We urge all in the society at large, in all governments, judiciary and media not to interfere in ancient beliefs, faiths and religious feelings of Hindus like jallikattu, Ganesh/Durga visarjan etc,” VHP International Working President Pravin Togadia said.

Togadia’s statement came on a day when protests demanding jallikattu swelled on the streets of Tamil Nadu.

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“If anyone is so sentimental about bulls’ lives then come with us in our demand of a national law banning any slaughter of cow progeny,” the VHP leader said, in an apparent reference to animal rights body PETA which has been opposing bull-taming sport jallikattu.