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Valentine’s Day 2018: This Gurugram man offers himself on ‘Boyfriend on Rent’ packages for singles


Valentine’s Day is here. People are prepping to unleash the love bombs on February 14 on their partners. And, without any doubt, there would be so much PDA on social media. And if you are looking for a boyfriend but feeling cagey about investing in love, you could consider renting one.

26-year-old Gurugram-based entrepreneur, Shakul Gupta, has come up with an interesting offer for all who are single this Valentine’s Day. He is offering himself as a boyfriend on rent and is giving away decent packages such as holding hand, to anything you want, on Valentines’ Day this year. Shakul has also listed out a host of personas that he can pull off for “prospective girlfriends” and also promised to double up as a “makeup practice model”. But if you prefer to just laze around, he could make you “any kind of food” and watch Netflix too.

One can even avail a promo code to grab a “20% discount” as well as a “free Audi ride”. Tariffs to avail the service will be provided on direct message only.

He assures that “Your family will love me and so will your friends.” Gupta describes himself as generous, open-minded and idealistic in his post. He is even modest to inform his shortcomings. He candidly mentioned that he cannot defend you from cockroaches, talk fashion and beauty or eat.

Here’s how he describes himself.

– 26 y/o
– 56 kg
– 160 cm
– Assuring you that your family will love me (even your friends ;))
– Sagittarius so I’m generous, open-minded & idealistic
– Willing to be your makeup practice model
– Can cook any kind of dish
– Watch Netflix with you

Things he cannot do:
– Defend you from cockroaches
– Fashion talk
– Eat seafood
– Beauty talk

Different personas he’s willing to pull off:
– Christian Grey (never tried it but willing to explore and try new things ;))
– Billionaire playboy who was stuck on an island for 5 years
– Gay (just to make you laugh)
– Innocent look
– Sweet lover
– Bad boy

Meanwhile, this is not the first offer Shakul Gupta has made for the day of love. Last year, he offered his followers to be his “Temporary Girlfriend” to accompany him on a trip to France.