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Uttar Pradesh: Over 93,000 candidates holding PhD, post graduate degrees apply for job that needs eligibility of Class V


Another surprising job related news has come from Uttar Pradesh where over 93,000 candidates which also include Phd holders and post graduates have applied for peon jobs that have an eligibility of Class V. According to a report by Times of India, 3,700 PHDs holders, 50,000 graduates, 28,000 PGs have applied for 62 posts of messengers in UP police. The qualification for being a messenger requires a minimum eligibility of Class V.

The selection for the job requires a self-declaration that the candidate knows how to ride bicycle. However, considering the large number of applicants, department has decided to conduct a selection test for the posts that have been lying vacant for last 12 years. According to an official, the exam will have the basic questions to test general knowledge and some basic mathematics to test the basic skills of the candidates. “The job is like that of a postman’s and the person has to deliver police telecom department’s messages from one office to the other,” a police department official told Times of India.

Besides job surety, one of the reasons why the post has attracted so much attention was ‘high starting salary’. The starting salary for the post is Rs 20,000 per month. Recently there were reports that showed that over 2 crore candidates include doctors, lawyers and engineers applied for nearly 1 lakh jobs in Indian Railways, while over two lakh candidates applied for 1,100 constable jobs in Mumbai Police earlier this year.