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Untreated sewage from Varthur Lake spills out on Bangalore roads



Bangalore: Huge quantities of white froth spouted from the Varthur Lake in Bangalore on Tuesday morning and spilled on to the roads, causing a traffic jam. The polluted water emanated a foul stench, causing discomfort to residents.

The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has blamed the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) for the incident, alleging that the latter has not built any Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) for the waste water going into the Varthur Lake.

“This is mainly because of the sewage which is entering the Varthur Lake. Nearby residences and apartments generate lot of sewage, there is no proper UGD or Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) facilities by BWSSB, it is because of that the foam is emerging,” KSPCB member secretary M N Vijay Kumar told ANI.

“We have issued orders to all the lakes to take proper measures, like by providing UGD facilities, and also to setup STP so that the sewage is let into the lake only after treating it to the standards prescribed by Pollution Control Board…we have formed a watchdog committee for each lake, which includes local residents, BWSSB officials and PCB officials,” he added.