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‘Unit 1 of KNPP to resume production in 30 to 35 days’


Kudankulam nuclear pwoer plant

Tirunelveli (TN) : Unit 1 of Kundankulam Nuclear Power Plant, which has been shut down for maintenance, would commence production after 30 or 35 days, KNPP director Sundar said today.

The Unit, which was shut down for maintenance yesterday, would commercially generate 1000 MW when it resumes production and power would be sent to the Central grid for distribution, he told PTI over phone.

On June 6, KNPP had attained its full generation capacity, becoming the first nuclear plant in the country to generate 1,000 MWe.

Unit 1 attained criticality on July 2013 and has been contributing to power-starved Tamil Nadu since October 2013.

Anti-nuclear activists and People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy have been spearheading more than a two-year-old protest against KNPP in Tirunelveli, demanding its closure, citing safety reasons.