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Twitterati react to TIME magazine’s latest cover which shows US president Donald Trump drowning in Oval Office



Time magazine has again put US President Donald Trump on their cover. The latest cover, shows Trump in the Oval office, the office is flooded with water. Times shared this cover on twitter which was captioned “In Deep”. The magazine cover for this week is a continuation of a three part series which shows the problems surrounding the Oval Office.

The first cover of the series showed papers flying off his desk with a headline “Nothing to see here”. In April 2018, on the second cover TIME showed the drama in the White House escalated showing water filling Trump’s desk. The headline of the cover read ,”Stormy” in a nod to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump.

Social media was thrilled to see the TIME’s trilogy of covers many came up with their own versions of what the future cover may look like.