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This viral video of bus racing on highway in Tamil Nadu is insane


In a recent viral video, citizens of Tamil Nadu are seen going through a dangerous bus journey only to feed the egos of careless and adrenaline junkie drivers. The incident occurred at the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway.

The video, taken by motorists behind the buses, left many hearts pounding. What the passengers may have gone through can only be imagined. Not only the passengers aboard the buses, but fellow commuters too were put in grave danger.

Besides rash driving on the highway, the bus drivers seemed to have thrown all caution to the wind. One of the buses is seen crossed the adjoining lanes and going over to the wrong side, a move that put several lives in danger, including those of passengers and cars coming from the opposite side. Meanwhile, the licenses of both the drivers have been suspended.

Watch the video here:

For many years, the people of Tamil Nadu have complained about the rash driving of heavy vehicles by the public and private transport drivers, especially on the inter-state roads. The government in the past assured that speed checking devices would be installed but nothing has been done so far.

As per statistics, 15,642 road accidental deaths were recorded in the year 2015. Yet, state government has not come up with a clear report since then.