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Tamil Nadu school textbook has some advice to prevent child sexual abuse: ‘Do not wear provocative clothes’


Many horrifying rape incidents are coming forward everyday in the nation, the outrage of the people in at the peak and asking boys to behave properly with girls but Tamil Nadu government has different opinion on it. In class 8 science textbook published under Samacheer Kalvi suggest girls to be careful and not to wear clothes which are provocative.

In a chapter titled, ‘Reaching the age of adolescence,’ the textbook gives an advisory, listing precautionary steps to be taken by girls to prevent child sexual abuse.

Among other things, it asks students to:

-Keep a safe distance from the other sex when going to school by auto, bus or train.

-Take care of the way you sit.

-Don’t wear provocative dresses.

The News Minute a news portal quoted G Arivoli, the director of the State Council for Educational Research and Training over the issue, his first question was, “This textbook has been in existence for 12 years. Why are you bringing it to our notice now? Nobody has complained till now.”

When asked how that makes the content acceptable, he said, “We are currently only revising books for Class one, six, eleven and twelve. This is already time consuming and we are yet to see what existing books contain. I will see what can be done.”

Two rape cases have shocked the entire nation and people had come on roads to protest against the culprit and demanded justice in the case which was pending since months.