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Somnath Bharti requests parties to work against Prostitution


New Delhi: Reacting to the complaint filed by three Ugandan women for being held hostage by a drug mafia, Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti on Tuesday said he would request the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Congress and the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) to come together and do something about this issue on humanitarian grounds.

“This matter is extremely serious, sad and unfortunate. Girls are living in such pathetic conditions. They will not get food and be able to survive until they sleep with someone. This is like hell. What is going on in this country?” said Bharti.

“We need to free them from this hell, and I request the Congress and the BJP and the DCW to take action and do something about this issue,” he said.

“We should all be united on this matter as this disease is spreading and that too under the nose of the police. If we will not come together on humanitarian grounds, then what will happen to these girls,” he added.

He further said that it was crucial to eradicate this menace with the help of other political parties and the media.

“We have to eradicate this and have to finish this menace. At this very moment there are many girls who are being thrown into prostitution,” said Bharti.

“We have this opportunity to do this. We all, including the political parties, the media and the intelligence should fight it,” he said.

“This is high time that we should be united, and work towards it. The passports have been taken away and they have been left in a helpless situation. We have to do something about it,” he added.

On Monday, three Ugandan women had filed a complaint with help from the Delhi Government and sought intervention from the External Affairs Ministry seeking protection for them.