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Shocking! Patient watches ‘Baahubali 2’ while doctors perform brain surgery on him


Baahubali 2 is one of the greatest film of Indian cinema and first film which entered in 1000 crore club, the movie had a huge craze among masses and it broke all the records. The craze of the movie is still going on in a bizarre case a private hospital in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh played the film while doctors performed a critical brain surgery. With its success, doctors are now referring to the surgery as “Bahubali Brain Surgery”.

The surgery went off well and has inspired the doctors to label it as ‘Baahubali Brain Surgery’. According to a news daily, forty three year old nurse Vianaya Kumari suffered from fits and was diagnosed with brain tumour. On September 21, doctors decide to operate her at the Tulasi Mutli-speciality Hospital in Guntur. Since it is important for the patient to stay awake during the surgery, the doctors played film ‘Baahubali 2’ on a laptop to keep the patient busy.

The team of doctors who performed the operation, which lasted for about an hour and half, credited the film for the success of the surgery. In July this year, doctors at the Bhagwayn Mahaveer Jain Hospital in Bangalore had performed a similar procedure on a musician who was made to play the guiter while undergoing brain surgery. Abhishek Prasad was awake during the four-hour surgery as doctors performed ‘radio-frequency ablation’ to correct a rare condition.