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Rashtrapati Bhavan: 10 intriguing facts about the Presidential Palace


Rashtrapati Bhavan is one of the most iconic monuments in India, and it is located in New Delhi. It is also called Presidential Palace and it is spread across 320 acres of land. It is one of the largest Presidential palaces in the world after the Quirinal Palace, Rome, Italy. So this will be the new address of our newly elected President Ram Nath Kovind for five year from now. Rashtrapati Bhavan has many unknown stories and facts about it. You will be proud to know that Rashtrapati Bhavan of India is larger and lavish than even White House.

So check out some interesting facts about the Presidential Palace

The construction of the Rashtrapati Bhavan was started in 1912 and completed in 1929, took 17 years to be completed.

Renowned designer Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens was the architect of the Presidential Palace or Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.

More than 29,000 people worked in the construction of the site.

The Rashtrapati Bhavan has more than 300 rooms including the presidential office, guest rooms, and staff rooms.

 Before Independence, it was known as the Viceroy’s House and is the largest residence in India.

Every year, Mughal Garden behind the Rashtrapati Bhavan is opened for public during a festival called Udyanotsav.

At the end of the Darbar Hall, there is a statue of the Buddha that dates back to the 4th century. The statue is exactly on the same level as the India Gate.

In the Rashtrapati Bhavan, a ceremonial Change of Guard happens every Saturday at 10 am. It is a 30 minute ceremony, open for all. To attend the ceremony, you just need to produce your photo ID to get entry.

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Rashtrapati Bhavan has a strength of 750 staff.

There is a gift museum in the Rashtrapati Bhavan that houses all the presents received by the presidents of India. It also houses the silver chairs that King George V and Queen Elizabeth sat on, while at the Darbar Hall. The one used by the king weighs 640 kg, and the one used by the queen weighs slightly less than that.