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Rail fare hike is in favor of people: Shahnawaz Hussain


Shahnawaz Hussain

New Delhi : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Shahnawaz Hussain said in Delhi on Sunday that the decision taken by the government to increase rail fare is in favor of the people of India and the step has been taken to fulfill their dreams of a better railway in terms of safety and facility.

“As we know that there was no hike in the rail fare from past 12 years that is why there was no improvement in the condition of railway till now. The government knows that people want good, safe and world class railway with all the proper facilities and the government has taken this decision to fulfill these dreams only,” said Hussain.

Reacting to the criticism which the government is facing from the public and the opposition parties all across the country, Hussain said that whatever has been approved and has to be presented in the budget can be also be announced before.

The government has increased rail passenger fares by 14.2% and freight rates by 6.5%, which has led to an outcry by the opposition parties. The decision resulted in various protests across the country demanding a roll back of the decision.

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