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Rahul Gandhi in Porbandar: Congress VC vows to set up separate ministry for fisheries in Gujarat


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Porbandar: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said his party would set up a separate ministry for fisheries if it came to power in Gujarat.

Addressing the fishermen community in Porbandar, Rahul said, “There should be a separate ministry for fisheries in Gujarat. And if the Congress comes to power in Gujarat, we will do this.” He further assured the fishermen community of providing all sort of help.

The Congress scion also cornered Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the demonetisation saying the note ban was a ploy to convert the black money into white. He further said that Gujarat did not belong to only five or ten big industrialists, but also to the farmers, labourers and small-scale businessmen.

“In the last few years, all of the work in Gujarat has been done for just five to ten industrialists. And those industrialists contributed to campaigning for PM Modi later on,” he added.

“But the most important fact is that Gujarat does not belong to five or ten industrialists. It belongs to the farmers and fishermen,” he said.

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Modi’s monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Rahul said, “The Congress and I do not want to tell you our ‘Mann Ki Baat’. We want to hear your ‘Mann Ki Baat’.”

The Congress vice-president also slammed Prime Minister Modi saying he gave Rs 33,000 crore for Tata Nano factories.

“The Congress had given Rs 33,000 crore for NREGA. PM Modi gave the same amount for Tata Nano. You lost your land, water, electricity for Tata Nano. And now, you are telling me that you did not see Tata Nano anywhere,” he said.

He added, “The truth is that if a big industrialist asks for money from PM Modi, he is ready to give Rs 33,000 crore to that one person. But if any fisherman approaches him, they will not even get Rs 300 crore,” he said.

  • Parapuram Joseph

    Honourable Rahul Gandhi is hitting mr. modi and bjp where it hurts. He has proved his mettle on both national and international arena. His interaction with international press during his recent visit to the U.S.A was highly appreciated. All these are tight slaps to bjp supporters. Moreover, Honourable Rahul is younger than the aged mr. modi; we, the nation of youth needs a youth to lead the nation. Jai Hind. While on the subject, I invite readers to view my video – Homage to Pandit Nehru by p g joseph – in youtube (duration: 20+ minutes).

  • Ramesh V

    Whatever model you may say, it has worked in favour of Modi so far. At least he has some vision and he is able to chalk out something for Gujarat People.
    Just pointing fingers, blame game and 2 liners are not enough. It reflects only negativity
    Reality is You neither have concrete action plan or model, nor capable of understanding and explaining. On what basis you are expecting people to support you?. Have you ever worked as any Minister for 1 day?, Taken any concrete decision?. Your only thing is you are from Nehru Dynasty. Are you expecting people to vote you only for the back ground?. Gone are those days, now-a-days people are more well informed and intelligent to choose their leaders. All kind of Job from sweeper to CEO needs experience.