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Prashant Kishore only a party poll strategist: Congress


Prashant Kishore

New Delhi : The Congress on Monday asserted that political strategist Prashant Kishore has no role in the organisational matters of the party and his job is confined only to preparing election strategy.

“Prashant Kishore is a strategist, he will suggest which points are to be highlighted in our manifesto or in our campaign, and he will have no role in organisational matters and ticket distribution,” party general secretary Shakeel Ahmad, who is in charge of the party affairs in Punjab, said while talking to reporters at the AICC headquarters here.

“This was made clear to him that whatever strategy he has to make, he will advise our captain of Punjab, Amarinder Singh,” Ahmad added. He stressed that Kishore will be a key person in preparing the Congress manifesto for the Punjab assembly elections. “Kishore will suggest which points are to be brought in front of our manifesto and what commitments should be made,” Ahmad said.

He added that people are losing interest in party manifestos as both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had made some unrealistic promises which could never be fulfilled.

 “Both Modi and Kejriwal made some unrealistic promises in their manifestos and they could fulfill none. But we will make only those commitments which we may realise after coming to power,” Ahmad said.