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Political Throwback! When Atal Bihari Vajpayee told Narendra Modi to follow ‘rajdharma’ after Gujarat riots


Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s demise was a shocker for the entire nation. The former PM died on August 16 at AIIMS hospital after a prolonged illness. Politicians from all over the world have sent their condolence messages for him. Apart from being a politician, Vajpayee ji was also a renowned poet and writer, he even said once that he would be a poet or writer if he would not have been a politician.

Talking more about his personality, he was a humorous and quick-witted person. One of the incidents which often gets remembered when he gave an advice to current PM Narendra Modi on ‘ Rajdharma’. It was the year 2002 and Gujarat massacre just took place and more than 1000 people were killed.

PM Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat during that time, and he was allegedly blamed for the bloodshed. Though many enquires took place, he got out clean.

A video from that time always trends online, where former PM Vajpayee is talking to media on Gujarat riots and beside him, Modi was sitting. As Vajpayee was talking, he reminded Modi about his duty, that he should follow ‘ Rajdharma’ means the duty of the rulers, there should be no discrimination between people based on caste and religion. And with a smile on his face, Modi said “Wahi tu kar rahe hai sahab”.

But all this came to rest, and now Atal Ji is no more. And only his sweet memories are with India.