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Perfect-Shot! Kerala photographer hangs upside down from a tree to take perfect picture of the couple


Kerala Photographer, Upside down from tree, wedding photography

Photographers sometimes go out of the box to get the perfect shot and something similar has been done by this photographer from Kerala. A short video of the 23-year-old photographer named Vishnu has gone viral where we can see him hanging upside down from a tree.

The video shows, Vishnu hanging upside from the tree to click a perfect shot of the couple namely- Shaiz Robert (28), and Navya Jose (24). He hands the camera to the groom before climbing down. Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, narrating the story of the viral video to The News Minute, Vishnu says, “After the wedding, we were shooting outside the groom’s house. When I saw a tree in front of his house, I suddenly had an idea of taking a photograph from a top angle. When I told the couple, they said okay and so I climbed the tree and attempted the click.”

As per the reports, Vishnu works with Whiteramp Photography and the wedding took place on April 15 and the ‘perfect shot’ was taken on the same day. Meanwhile, several people on social media also applauded Vishnu for his effort. Check out some Tweets:

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