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PDP-BJP govt anti-people; will be forced to step down: Congress


G A Mir

Srinagar: In a scathing attack on the PDP BJP dispensation in the state, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress today said the coalition government would be forced to step down in near future owing to its “anti-people” policies. “The people of Jammu and Kashmir have lost faith in the present regime and I can say it with full confidence that people want change and the day is not far when PDP-BJP coalition will be forced by the people to step down,” JKPCC president and former minister G A Mir said.

Addressing a day-long political convention of the party here, the Congress leader expressed concern over the “political instability” in the state arising due to “anti-people policies” of the PDP-led coalition government.

“People of Jammu and Kashmir have never in the history experienced such a government, despite passing through the turmoil. They have wholeheartedly exercised their franchise during the past and recent elections, having reposed faith in electoral process but the present PDP-BJP coalition have disappointed the people to a large extent,” he said.

Mir said, “…continuous controversial statements by BJP leaders regarding the state have disturbed the socio-political scenario and the credit for this goes to PDP.” “If BJP is in power in the state, the credit goes to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who joined hands with it for the sake of power, not for the well-being of the people, but for the survival of his party,” Mir said.

“How long PDP-led government will mislead the people on the name of good governance, relief or rehabilitation packages?” he questioned and said, “they will have to answer to the people.” Referring to the completion of first year in office by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mir criticised the NDA government and alleged that the BJP government has made the lives of farmers “impossible” and are putting them to great loss to benefit the corporate houses.

“BJP government is anti-people and pro-corporate…BJP’s one year in office is a complete failure and it is an eye-opener for every man, particular for farmers, poor and down-trodden people,” he said.