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Passenger train of New Delhi loses track, ends up at wrong station


New Delhi: Passengers of a New Delhi-bound train were caught by surprise today as it ended up at the wrong station in the Capital, prompting the Railways to suspend an employee and launch an enquiry.

Passenger train 64464 from Panipat was due to arrive at the New Delhi station at 7.30 AM. Instead it took a different course and reached the Old Delhi Railway Station at 7.50 AM. “On realising the mistake, the train was immediately sent back to the New Delhi station,” a Northern Railway statement said.

“The Log (panel) operator has been suspended and an inquiry has been initiated to find and fix responsibility of other erring staff,” the statement added.

The Railways attributed the incident to a “miscommunication by the log operator”.

A Northern Railways spokesperson said the staffer mistook the train, which was running late, for another passenger train which was headed for the Old Delhi Railway Station from Sonipat.