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Panda, Pradhan slam CMO as they have no issue, says Naveen Patnaik


Bhubaneswar: A day after a BJD MP and Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan attacked an officer of the Odisha chief minister’s office, BJD president and CM Naveen Patnaik hit back saying they do not have any other issues. BJD’s Kendrapara MP Baijayant Panda yesterday alleged that an officer has been interfering in the ruling party’s affairs and he was seconded by Pradhan, a senior BJP leader.

“When they have no other issues, they attack my office. This is nothing new,” Patnaik told reporters. Asked if he would seek an explanation from Panda, the BJD president said whatever appropriate will be done. “I’m busy with my development work for the state. People are well aware of what’s going on,” he said. Following this, Panda said even Naveen Patnaik’s father Biju Patnaik was in favour of action against corrupt officers when he was the chief minister.

“I’m v.disheartened. Did Biju Babu also have “no other issues” when he demanded action against corrupt babus?” Panda said in his twitter handle. “If no issue, why 5 police platoons in Mahanga? Was it I who created disturbance in Mahanga? Was I not just doing my job peacefully? I still plead for my leader to examine????” asked the BJD MP. Panda had faced opposition from a section of his own party men at Mahanga in his Lok Sabha constituency yesterday, when he had gone there to inaugurate a drinking water project.

After inaugurating the project, Panda had said there is no need to pay respect to an officer who interferes in the party’s affairs and shelters persons involved in anti-people activities. Union minister Pradhan also claimed in a written statement that the state’s chief secretary exists in name only due to intervention from an officer in the CMO. BJD spokesman P K Deb had also said that Panda was speaking the language of Pradhan.