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On This Day in History: July 26, 2008 – Series of 21 bomb blast went-off in Ahmedabad, killed 56


On this day July 26 2008, series of 21 bomb blast hit the city of Ahmedabad within a span of 70 minutes. 56 people were killed and more than 200 people were injured. The blasts were considered to be of low intensity, and were similar to the Bangalore blasts which occurred the day before.

The bombs were planted in Tiffin carriers on bicycles, many of the blasts targeted city buses, hospitals and AMTS. These bombings occurred a day after the Bangalore blasts and a day before a bomb blast in the Indian state of Jharkhand.

Many TV channels said that they had received e-mails from Indian Mujahedeen, who claimed responsibility for the terror attacks. However, other Islamic group called Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami also claimed responsible for the attacks. Later on Gujarat police arrested the suspected mastermind of the bombings Mufti Abu Bashir and nine others, in connections of bombings.