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OMG! Ram Rahim ran his own version of ‘Bigg Boss’ in Dera, shocking details


Dera Supremo Ram Rahim had a lavish life in his own world which was built by him in his Dera. He had build seven wonders a resort and more shocking is that he used to run his own version of Bigg Boss and he was no less than a superstar. What’s more, his adopted daughter Honeypreet was the star of the show and participants needed to follow his rules and regulations; nevertheless, Honeypreet was not required to follow those rules.

Even more amazingly, rules of the show kept on changing according to the wishes of Dera chief who used to send contestants outside the house or call them inside. His former devotee Gurdas Toor told in a media interaction that Ram Rahim was both judge and the host on his show.

According to News 18, Gurdas Tour told that Ram Rahim could not stay away from Honeypreet for a long time and he kept giving orders to come out of the house. Participants had to stay inside the house for one month at the show of Gurmeet.

Ram Rahim , divided into 10 zones, made this house in 2009 and Honeypreet’s former husband, Biswas Gupta, has also participated as a participant in this show. Gurmeet used to give task to the participants. CCTV cameras were mounted on all sides in the house, even in the washroom. The so called godman used to run his own world inside the dera, police found plastic currency inside and they even found fire crackers and explosive. Ram Rahim serving his 20 years sentence in jail.