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Now only 6 tickets per user per month, says IRCTC

New Delhi: Indian Railway to resrict a user to book only six tickets per month in both e-ticket/i-ticket. This new rule has been introduced to avoid further misuses.

The new provision will come into effect from 15th February, 2016, replacing the earlier provision of 10 tickets per user for per month through IRCTC online for both e-ticket/i-tickets.


Moreover, conditions on Tatkal booking systems will also be subject to a limit of booking 2 opening Tatkal tickets in 10:00- 12:00 hours period in a day and 2 opening Advance Reservation Period (ARP) tickets in 08:00-10:00 hours period in a day.

The decision come after conducting a analisis that says only 10 percent of the total booking more than 6 tickets.Remaining 90 percent of users book maximum 6 tickets per month. With a suspecion over the remaining 10 percent might be involved in touting, the ministry decided to go on a restricted mode by giving more space to genuine users.