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Demonetisation: Now hire a helper for standing in Bank Queue


Gurugram: People queue up outside a bank to exchange and deposit their old Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes in Gurugram on Monday. PTI Photo(PTI11_21_2016_000224B)

A Delhi-based start-up called ‘Book My Chotu’ is providing temporary paid helpers who would stand in queues outside banks and ATMs for you.

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Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes, and a daily withdrawal limit of Rs 2,000/Rs 2,500 was imposed on ATMs and Rs 4,000 in exchange of old currency notes from banks, one thing has been constant – long queues outside banks and ATMs.

To give people some relief, an online service named ‘Book My Chotu’, which is based out of Delhi, is offering ‘Chotus’ or errand boys, to people who are standing in queues outside banks and ATMs to obtain cash. ‘Chotu’ means the little one; who can hold one’s place in a queue and swap before their turn comes.

The service has been founded by Satjeet Singh Bedi, who is also the CEO of the company and Govin Kandhari.

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‘BookMyChotu’ is ‘first of-helper booking website which offers ‘Chotu’s to stand in queues outside banks and ATMs for you in Delhi and NCR. As the name says ‘Chotu’, the helpers are on or above the age of 18. ‘Chotu’ is just a name and is used for branding purpose.

The ‘Book My Chotu’ explains its service in three simple steps- Log In to the website, enter the required information and wait for your ‘Chotu’ to arrive. Person who wants to book ‘Chotu’ can also call on the number given on their website. The instructions and extra information is also provided on the site.


A screenshot of ‘Book My Chotu’ website

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Their service cost Rs 90, Rs 170 for two hours, Rs 260 for three hours, Rs 330 for four, Rs 380 for five, Rs 450 for a six-hour-queue, Rs 500 full for seven hours and Rs 550 for an eight-hour-long queue.


A screenshot of ‘Book My Chotu’ website

One thing is clear from this, longer the duration, cheaper the helper. This service is currently available for Delhi-NCR. A disclaimer in one of their Facebook posts said, “Please note our boys will not go inside the bank, to help save our customer’s valuable time”.