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No deliberate editing of Modi interview: Doordarshan


narendra modi

New Delhi: Doordarshan Thursday clarified that there was “no deliberate editing or omission” of any part of Narendra Modi’s interview, amid a raging controversy that the state-run broadcaster had edited and downplayed the BJP prime ministerial candidate’s interview.

“There was no deliberate editing or omission of any portion of the interview. Wherever editing was done was for technical reasons and during post-production,” it said in a  statement.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has accused the public broadcaster of editing the interview, especially a portion where Modi reportedly referred to Priyanka Gandhi as his daughter.

The statement also rebutted the BJP charge that the editing was done at the behest of the ruling Congress.

“There was no interference or control from any authority in the entire process. Important portions of the interview were used in all the important bulletins of DD News  also,” it said.

“There was no attempt to downplay the interview, rather it was given wide pre-telecast publicity and also repeated the next day, April 28. The clips were also used in news bulletins,” the statement said.