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Nitish slams Modi for seeing terrorism through ‘communal’ eyes


nitish kumar

nitish kumar

Gaya: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today slammed his Gujarat counterpart Narendra Modi for allegedly seeing terrorism through ‘communal’ eyes.

“Only a person like him (Modi) can say what he has said about the terror attack at Bodh Gaya last year as he has a habit of seeing such incidents through communal eyes,” Kumar said at an election meeting in favour of JD(U) nominee Jitan Ram Manjhi, contesting on Gaya (SC) Lok Sabha seat.

“For the Gujarat chief minister, all terror incidents are handiworks of the minority community who, he dislikes like an eyeshore,” he said without taking Modi’s name in retaliation to Modi’s barb at him yesterday for failing to prevent serial blasts at Bodh Gaya due to ‘vote bank’ politics.

“Not only the Muslims, but he cannot stand an adversary like me… But I will continue to pinch him as I am an upright man who prides being a Bihari and an Indian,” the senior JD(U) leader said.

He slammed the BJP prime ministerial hopeful for his views and questioned how a person (Modi), who unabashedly professes communal politics, could become the prime minister of a country.

Kumar said that a leader must do positive things for his community to claim being its leader but Modi has not done anything for the betterment of the Extremely Backward Caste people in his state.