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NGOs issue: AAP hits out at IB report


AAP Leader Wants Kejriwal To Change Leadership TrackArvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Lashing out at a recent report by the Intellegence Bureau, which alleged that some NGOs are hurting India’s economic security, AAP today said it is nothing but “criminanalisation of dissenting voices” and is being misused by political bosses.

“The purposefully leaked IB report, marked secret naming senior reputed activists, NGOs and people’s movements and accusing them of hurting the national economic security is nothing but an attempt at criminalising dissenting voices.

“The content, tone and tenor of the IB report in fact suggests that it is being misused by its political bosses,” AAP said in a statement here.

The IB in a report ‘Impact of NGOs on Development’ said opposition to several development projects in the country by a significant number of NGOs will have a negative impact on economic growth by two to three per cent.

It also claimed some NGOs and their international donors are also planning to target many fresh economic development projects including those in Gujarat.

Terming the IB as a completely “non-transparent organisation” with a huge budget but no “accountability”, the party has alleged that it has often been used by governments to further their political interests.

“AAP sees this as a move to curbing the activities of groups and individuals working to protect the life and livelihood of people living on the margins, and working to protect land, water, forest and other natural resources.

“But it is clear from this report that people controlling the IB are now playing for the interests of the big private corporations and targeting groups who have been opposed to loot of natural resources and mineral wealth of the country in the name of development,” the statement said.

“AAP condemns this dishonesty and vindictiveness of the security agencies and believes that such attempts needs to be nipped in its bud itself and NDA government should desist from promoting such mischief and rather focus on other important tasks on hand,” the statement added.

A staunch opponent of nuclear energy, AAP said contracts to produce energy in an “expensive and dangerous way” was being given to foreign corporations.

“The country has also pursued nuclear energy, which is the most expensive and dangerous way of producing energy, in order to give contracts of lakhs of crores to foreign corporations.

“Most of these projects have caused displacement of mainly tribals on a large scale, environmental destruction and have encouraged mega corruption, which is the main reason why they have been pursued by the governments,” the party said.

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