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NDA’S land bill will be rejected in Rajya Sabha: Sharad Yadav


Sharad Yadav

Jammu: Janata Dal (U) President Sharad Yadav today noted that NDA government’s “controversial land acquisition bill” will be rejected by the opposition in Upper House of the Parliament “This bill (Land acquisition bill) is anti-farmer and we would ensure that the Narendra Modi government faces a defeat on this and the bill is not passed in Upper House of the Parliament where we have a majority,” Yadav told PTI here.

Accusing the Modi government of being pro-industrialist, Yadav said that the bill was aimed at benefiting the industrialists and major corporations. “From the day one this government was formed, it has been benefiting the industrialists, corporates and multinationals and now he (Modi) wants to snatch the land from farmers and give it to these industrialists but we won’t let this happen,” he said.

He said that when the parliament resumes in the next few days he would give his statement during the debate on the bill. “Let the Prime Minister speak in the House after that we will have a debate on this (bill)” he said. Yadav also accused the BJP for spreading communal tension and polarising the situation, “They are breaking churches,talking of love Jihad and Ghar Vapsi whereas poor farmers are committing suicide.”

“Everyday one or the other incident happens in the name of religion which is very dangerous for the growth of the country. The Centre is in a great hurry to benefit big business houses which was clear from the way they brought theinsurance bill, coal and mines and minerals bills,” he said. Yadav stated that opposition parties got united to make sure that these bills were not passed, but for the sake of thegrowth of the country the parties extended cooperation to the government.

“We extended cooperation for the sake of growth in the country albeit we were not satisfied with the clauses of the bills,” he said. Yadav noted that while the opposition was against the Land Acquisition Bill, the government again promulgated it in the form of an ordinance. “This bill is completely against agriculture and farmers on which 70 per cent of our population depends. I coordinated the march towards President’s House from Parliament House to oppose this bill,” he said.

He said that they were in favour of Land Acquisition Bill 2013 that was passed after due consultation with all the political parties including the BJP. “The government is not worried about farmers or improvement of agriculture. They are busy in bringing down the fiscal deficit by pleasing big business houses.  “The contribution of agriculture to our GDP has been declining tremendously as it was once upon a time at 35 per cent of the GDP which has come down to only 13 per cent now,” Yadav said.

The JD(U) leader complained that when the bills will be enacted, “small enterprises in the country would not be able to sustain their business”. “How will they compete with big corporate houses?” he asked. Yadav said that the corporate houses were running on bankloans, “That is why non-performing assets have reached nearlyaround Rs 3 lakh crores and the government has not brought the names of these business houses in public domain so far,” he added.