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Narendra Modi is not trustworthy, says Congress


New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives a statement to the on the opening day of the Winter Session of the Parliament in New Delhi on Wednesday. PTI Photo by Subhav Shukla(STORY DEL9)(PTI11_16_2016_000067B)

New Delhi: Continuing its attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation, the Congress on Friday said the Prime Minister was “not worthy” of being trusted and accused him of being “scared” of facing Parliament.

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“When Modi first entered Parliament, he had called it a temple but now he doesn’t care about the traditions and etiquette of Parliament. He will inaugurate a book on the Constitution, yet not give the Constitution the dignity it deserves,” Congress leader Kapil Sibal told the media.

Slamming Modi for ‘continuously evading’ Parliament, Sibal said: “It seems the Prime minister is afraid of his own party members otherwise why doesn’t he come to Lok Sabha where his party (BJP) has absolute majority.”

“He is scared of entering Parliament because he knows he will not be able to give answers to the questions that are being raised and will be left exposed. He should know that the country is not changing but is actually burning because of demonetisation,” said the former Union Minister.

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“Modi promised he would bring back Rs 80 lakh crore black money to India. Has he fulfilled that promise? He said he’d bring Lokpal, has he implemented it?

“Which promise has he fulfilled? Why should we believe him? We have no faith in this Prime Minister. He isn’t worthy of trust,” added Sibal.