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Moral policing is emerging as a complete threat, says Kavita Krishnan


New Delhi: Secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association, Kavita Krishnan, on Wednesday said that moral policing is emerging as a complete threat to the freedom of people, and described the Roorkee incident as completely shocking.

“It is absolutely shocking this is the latest incident of moral policing and it is very dangerous. I think moral policing is emerging as one of the major threats to the freedoms of the citizens. Especially the freedom of women in public spaces,” Krishnan said.

“One actually needs to set an example by taking very strong action against all kind of moral policing mobs. We need to say strong no to moral policing in our country,” she added.

Krishnan further said that what a couple does behind closed doors, whether it’s a hotel or a house is their business. Nobody has the right to interfere, or ask them questions and no one certainly has the right to beat them up.

In another shocking case of moral policing, a couple was thrashed in Kaliyar village of Roorkee in Uttarakhand. The couple had arrived at the Ziarat e Dargah Hazrat Sabir Pak like many others. After offering prayers, the couple left for a nearby guest house. The villagers and locals of the area reached the guest house, started thrashing and dragged them out of the guest house.

The woman was brutally thrashed by the locals just 300 meters away from Kaliyar Police station. But no police came to their rescue.

Hundreds of guest houses are being run in the area where couples come to spend some private time. People of the area had lodged a complaint with the police but no action has been taken in this regard. So, the locals decided to thrash every couple who visits the guest house in the same way.