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Momo Challenge: Cyber crime issues advisory on life threatening game


Blue whale provoked many young kids to commit suicide and just like blue whale another online game Momo challenge is trending. To prevent it, the Cyber Crime Division on Monday evening issued an advisory on life threatening game Momo challenge. And warned news channels not to report false news regarding the game and connect any deaths or suicides to it without verification.

The department asked children and parents to stay away from Momo challenge, and no content should be shared related to Momo challenge and not to send or receive any invitation containing links to the game. They have also advised not to download the game nor images related to the game on their mobile phones.

The advisory stated that parents and teachers too should keep a watch on the behaviour of their students and children. “Youngsters should be educated about the dangers of Momo Challenge. Teachers should keep parents informed about children who are suspected to be playing Momo Challenge, conduct random checks of mobile phones of students and take necessary steps if the game is downloaded on the mobiles,” it stated.

“The parents need to counsel children about the dangers of the game and tell them not to indulge in dangerous activities, like taking selfies from rooftops etc. They should keep a constant watch on their children and prevent them from playing the game,” the advisory said.

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