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Modi promises power to the people



People in Salem are ready to work hard, but people in Delhi and Chennai do not give you any power as they want to keep power themselves.

Salem (TN): Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that Tamil Nadu’s Salem was world famous with its contribution  to  steel production  but lamented that people who are in power in Chennai and Delhi were not giving the people power in their hands.

“The steel of Salem has built twin towers of Petronas in Malaysia, it has contributed with its steel in building the stadium in Melbourne. People in Salem are ready to work hard, but people in Delhi and Chennai do not give you any power as they want to keep power themselves.  But even before the election results were declared,  People have  shown trust in a person who sells tea rather than someone who sells the nation,” Modi said addressing the rally in Salem.

“Continuing the colonial policy of divide and rule, the Congress keeps  states fighting amongst themselves. They ensure that states fight over water, and language. The Congress has been in power for sixty years and still they haven’t been able to resolve these issues. They know that the day nation comes together they will be far away from power. I will make sure that  I will  adopt  a revolutionary approach towards national development. Vote-bank politics is not going to work anymore; the nation is tired of it as it seeks action and delivery,” Modi remarked.

He also stated he was appalled at  the sanitation levels in the country.

“Is it a good situation that even after sixty years of independence that 55 percent households in the Salem district do not have drainage facility. What Congress could not do in sixty years, we promise to deliver in sixty months,” Modi said.

Modi stated that it was a tragic condition as to why India which has a huge iron ores reserves imports huge amount of manufactured products. He added that his government will also focus on handicrafts as well.

“India has a capacity to export iron ore in huge quantity, then how come we have been importing manufactured products. It can become a global manufactured hub with a made in India brand synonymous with quality. This is the time to give a chance to a servant instead of a ruler. We will ensure that handicraft and handloom sector which is so well known for this is developed,” Modi said.

Modi said that he was appalled at the condition of farmers all over the country and therefore BJP manifesto has  given more stress on farmers. He also stressed on linking rivers which will be a priority and encourage energy sector so that states like Tamil Nadu can benefit. He said that energy security should be ensured as a right for every Indians.

He stated that under the leadership of Vijakanth, Vaiko and Radhakrishan the new alliance can provide a better alternative to the people of Tamil Nadu. They are providing leadership at  grassroots level. He said that connotation given to NDA as National Development Alliance by a leader like Premlata was a very fitting one.