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Modi mocks at PM using his ex-media adviser’s book


Narendra Modi at SRCC

I used to think why the PM never laughed during the last 10 years. I made some unsavoury remarks against him, but I think I should not have said.
Bhagalpur: Narendra Modi today used the book authored by Prime Minister’s former media adviser to mock at Manmohan Singh and targeted Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, saying they wielded the real power instead of the PM.

“I used to think why the PM never laughed during the last 10 years. I made some unsavoury remarks against him. But after reading this book, I think I should not have said such unsavoury things about him.

“He was not at fault and was unnecessarily criticised. All the fault lies with the mother and son (Sonia and Rahul),” the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate said addressing a rally here.

He was referring to Sanjaya Baru’s book which suggested that the Prime Minister was “defanged” by the Congress and all key decisions were taken at the behest of Sonia Gandhi.

He also referred to PM’s daughter Upinder Singh’s statement and said her remarks indicated authenticity of the contents of the book.

“PM’s daughter gave a statement saying Sanjaya Baru has cheated by making disclosures in his book. But she did not say what is written is wrong. Her contention was that Baru cheated them. It means PM’s family has acknowledged that indeed the 10 years went like this,” Modi said.

Accusing Sonia and Rahul of “destroying” the country, Modi took potshots especially at the latter over his ‘toffee’ remark that he made yesterday while ridiculing the Gujarat’s development model.

Mocking at Rahul, the Gujarat Chief Minister said he had “balak mann (childish attitude)” and was obsessed with ‘balloons’ and ‘toffees’ instead of debating on important issues confronting the country like price rice and unemployment.

“He (Rahul) is lost in his childhood articles. First he played with balloon and now he is roaming with toffee. He is unable to come out of balloon and toffee,” Modi said.

He was hitting back at Rahul who earlier said that BJP’s campaign will burst like the ‘balloon’ of 2004 ‘India Shining’ campaign and yesterday said Modi was giving land at throwaway prices to few industrialists like ‘toffee’.

Modi said while Rahul was talking about ‘toffees’, he was talking about ‘trophies’.

“Winning trophies of development is more important for BJP then Rahul’s toffees,” he added.

He said Gujarat’s development model has brought laurels from national and international fora helping his government win more than 300 trophies including from the United Nations.