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Modi, Jaitley trying to create fear in Varanasi: Sharma


anand sharma

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma today said that BJP leaders Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley are “rattled” and are trying to create an environment of fear in Varanasi.

He was commenting on the BJP’s protest against the decision of the Election Commission which has denied the BJP prime ministerial nominee to hold a rally in Varanasi.

“Narendra Modi does not believe in any institution. He does not respect any institution. He thinks he is above law and constitution,” Sharma told reporters here.

“Modi and Jaitley are trying to create an environment of fear and intimidation in Varanasi and in Uttar Pradesh. It is very clear that they are rattled,” he added.

Sharma, who is also commerce and industry minister, said their attitude towards Election Commission in an indication of BJP’s desire to destroy constitutional institutions.

“BJP is creating issue out of a non-issue. They are insulting institutions,” he said.

He said that Congress too had an issue with the Commission but the party took that matter with the constitutional authority in a civilised manner.

Further, he said that Modi believes in master-servant relationship.

“…he (Modi) has assumed that he is a Prime Minister. It is actually slapping the parliamentary mode of government,” he said.

Unfazed by BJP’s all-out attack, the Election Commission today rejected its accusations of bias in denying permission to Modi’s rally in Varanasi and made it clear that it was “not afraid of anyone, any political party or any entity” in doing its job.

At a hurriedly-called press conference here, Chief Election Commissioner V S Sampath strongly defended the action of Varanasi Returning Officer Pranjal Yadav, saying his decision was based on “professional advice” and ruled out his removal as demanded by the BJP.