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Modi govt’s only policy is to appease crony capitalists: Congress


Chandigarh: Charging the BJP-led government at the Centre with appeasing “crony capitalists and trading partners”, Congress today said it will continue to oppose any “anti-people” and “anti-farmer” moves by the Modi regime. “Narendra Modi’s Suit Boot Ki Sarkar, whose only policy is Corporate Ka Saath–Khud Ka Vikas (working for corporates) is mercilessly demolishing the edifice of India’s foundational values of inclusive and equitable development in its insatiable quest to appease a few crony capitalists and trading partners,” senior Congress leader Girija Vyas said.

Addressing a press conference, she hit out at Modi government on Land Bill and other issues, saying, “Congress will oppose any anti-people and anti-farmer moves of this regime.” Asked to rate the BJP-led regime, which is completing one year in office, Vyas gave it “one mark” on a scale of 10.

While Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi graded Modi government’s performance at “zero out of 10”, Vyas said in her earlier days she was considered as a “liberal teacher and keeping that in view, I will give the government 1 mark (on a scale of 10).”

“Modi government has slashed Social Sector Spending by Rs 1,75,122 crore in one year alone — by way of Rs 66,222 crore cut in grants on Social Sector Schemes, Rs 5,900 crore cut by closing down Backward Regions Grant Fund and Rs 1,03,000 crore cut by not implementing the Food Security Programme aimed at 67 per cent of the population,” she said.

“Shockingly, these cuts have been unabatedly applied to areas such as Women and Child Development, Agriculture, Irrigation, Panchayati Raj, Education, Health, Housing, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Tribals which are DNA of India’s intrinsic fabric,” she claimed.

On the Food Security Act enacted during previous Congress led UPA regime, Vyas said, “The Act guaranteed 5 kg foodgrain per person per day at a price of Rs 2 per kg to 67 per cent of India’s population. Out of 29 states and 7 Union territories, identification of beneficiaries has been completed only in six states.”

She also took a dig at Prime Minister’s tours to foreign nations, saying, “Time will tell what is gained out of it… time will tell, how much foreign investments come”. 

Haryana Congress President Ashok Tanwar was also present at the press conference.