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Meerut rape: Police probe belies girl’s claims


rape case

Lucknow: Punching holes in the claims of the 20-year-old Meerut girl, who was allegedly raped and forcibly converted, UP Police today said she was operated for ectopic pregnancy at Meerut Medical College on July 23 and not in Muzaffarnagar as she had said in her statement.

She was accompanied by one Kaleem to the hospital and he was named as her husband in the records before the surgery, Secretary (Home) Kamal Saxena told reporters here.

“It was mentioned that she was wife of Kaleem and he was present at the time of operation. This is the fact which has come to fore during investigation for which documentary evidence is available. It is confirmed that the girl operated upon and this girl are same,” he said.

“The girl was one-and-a-half month pregnant which has been confirmed by the test and which is part of the report,” the Secretary (Home) said.

The girl’s father had on August 2 lodged a complain that village head Nawab along with five others abducted his daughter on July 23 and took her to a Madrassa where they raped and illegally confined her.

However, the secretary said that the girl was admitted to the medical college on July 23 and was operated upon the same day.

“She got admitted to the medical college on July 23 and on the same day she was operated for some gynaecological problem at 12.30 pm,” Saxena said.

She was discharged on July 27 on her own request, he said.