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Meem Afzal slams Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi for his remarks on beef eaters


Meem Afzal

Srinagar: Slamming Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s statement advising beef eaters to leave for Pakistan, Congress leader Meem Afzal today said it was a reflection of BJP leaders’ “mindset”. “Earlier it was Giriraj Kishore who wanted people not voting for Narendra Modi to go to Pakistan. As many as 69 per cent people did not vote for Modi. Should they go to Pakistan and 31 per cent stay in the country?” he told reporters here.

“Goa is a BJP-ruled state but beef is available openly in the state. What are they going to do there? North East states form nearly nine per cent of the country’s population and they also relish beef. Should they also go?” he said.  Afzal slammed Naqvi for his remarks saying it was a
“reflection of the BJP leaders’ mindset”. Azfal however, said that does not eat beef as it was not a religious prerequisite for Muslims. “Eating cow (meat) is not a religious prerequisite. I do not eat beef … there are so many other animals (other than cow) which can be eaten,” he said here. The Congress leader said people should avoid any act that can lead to disharmony between communities or hurt their religious sentiments. “We (minority community) have to think about it. We should not do things that will hurt the sentiments of the elder brother (majority community),” he said. The Congress leader said cow slaughter was already banned in several states with sizeable Muslim population before the BJP came to power. “It was banned in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, etc,” he added. Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas, had on Thursday sparked a controversy by saying, “If a certain section (of people) is dying because they can’t sell or eat beef then this is not the country for them. Let them go to Pakistan or an Arab nation, or any other part of world where it is available.”