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Mayawati keeps up her attack on Modi, slams Cong


BSP Chief Mayawati

  BSP Chief Mayawati
Chandigarh: BSP supremo Mayawati today kept up her attack on Narendra Modi, claiming he was trying to create an illusion that if BJP came to power “everything will be set right” in the country.

She also described the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate as a “divisive leader” and expressed fear that the country might witness communal riots if he came to power at the Centre.

“During his public meetings, Narendra Modi often boasts
that if BJP comes to power, everything plaguing this country will be set right and the country will be put on the track of development. He is trying to create this illusion,” she said.

Mayawati was addressing an election rally here in favour of party candidates from Chandigarh and neighbouring Himachal Pradesh.

The BSP supremo also questioned Modi as to why his party-led government failed to set things right when NDA ruled the country for six years.

“Why did they not do it then? When we ask their leaders, they do not have an answer,” Mayawati posed.

She said BJP has made a person its prime ministerial candidate who is outright a divisive leader.

“Modi is an all out divisive leader who presided over riots in Gujarat in 2002…the country will be gripped by riots and communal frenzy if he wrests power at the Centre. The onus is on the people of the country to stop him from capturing power,” she said.

The BSP supremo, who lent outside support to UPA-II for five years, also questioned the commitment of both Congress and BJP to bring back black money from foreign shores and said if it was brought back, it could help tackle the problem of poverty and unemployment to some extent.

Targeting Congress, she said, “You are aware that without declaring Yuvraj’s (Rahul Gandhi) name as PM candidate, Congress is fighting the upcoming polls under him.”

“You also have to stop Congress from coming to power as it has failed on all fronts and has done nothing for the masses during over 50 years of its rule,” she said in her 35-minute speech.