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Mangaluru Horror: Crowd beats up a man who is with his own daughter after mistaking him for a child abductor


In another horrifying incident, a man was attacked by mob in Mangaluru’s Ujjire town after he was suspected to be child abductor. The name of 30-year-old man is Kaleed, and he was travelling in an auto with his two-year-old daughter. Two man on bike saw Kaleed hitting and scolding his daughter who was crying. The bikers made the rickshaw stop and then forced Kaleed to step outside.

Kaleed was annoyed and refused to tell anything, and this led the two men branding him as child abductor and they began to beat him up. Suddenly more people started gathering and people started hitting him, at one point Kaleed began to cry and told the crowd the child is his own.

Soon after that police arrived on the spot and separated the people and stopped them from hitting Kaleed and questioned who started hitting Kaleed first, no person came in front and than police took Kaleed and his daughter to police station, while the locals were following them and claimed that Kaleed is child abductor.

Even Kalled’s wife was called and she confirmed that they are the parents of the child. After which they were left free and no FIR was launched.