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Maharashtra: Social worker files writ against BJP MLA Prashant Bamb for harassment


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Mumbai: A writ petition was filed by a social worker, Jaya Patil, against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Prashant Bamb from Aurangabad in the Bombay High Court, for allegedly blackmailing and extorting contractors of Maharashtra and assaulting police officers in police stations, bragging about his close relations with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

The petition read: “Bamb used contemptuous language to communicate with various authorities just to ensure there was no delay while he was obtaining certified true copies needed by him.” Patil further added that Bamb caused mental and physical torture and harassment and blackmailed him too. Patil alleged Bamb had been sending threatening letters to various authorities like the executive engineer of PWD in Mumbai and the chief secretary of Maharashtra since a long time.

Patil also stated the contractors who received these extortion letters wrote to higher authorities but never got a reply on it. Patil also sought appropriate action against Bamb based on the several complaints. In addition to the extortion letters, Bamb threatened various state contractors that he would have all the work orders issued in their names cancelled if his work was delayed by them, as he was close to the chief minister. Patil submitted a video clip showing Bamb abusing and assaulting police officers in their police stations, again boasting of his proximity to the CM. Patil has stated Bamb poses a threat to the basic democratic model of the State of Maharashtra.