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Maharashtra: Sai Baba spotted on the wall of Sai Temple in Shirdi, video goes viral


In a very unusual incident image of Sai Baba could be seen on the wall of Dwarkamai, Shirdi Sai temple on Wednesday for three hours. The image could be seen from 11 pm to 3 am on the wall, according to reports Sai Baba was smiling at its followers in the frame.

After the incident the temple is open since Wednesday night and thousands of followers gathered to take blessing from the wall where Sai Baba was spotted. According to devotees Sai Baba himself appeared on the wall. However, the incident took place just few days before Sai Baba memorial is about to complete 100 years.

The video is going viral on internet and gaining tons of views, in the video the wall where Sai Baba was spotted can bee seen decorated with garlands, flower and other elements that are used during the puja and worship of the god.

This is not the first incident where God has appeared or drinking milk such cases made headlines and people around the country believed it.