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Local languages as official language in courts ideal: Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu


Venkaiah NaiduVenkaiah Naidu

New Delhi: Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu today said people using local languages in High Court proceedings will be an “ideal situation”. He said this during Zero Hour after Sasikala Pushpa (AIADMK) urged the Centre to “resonsider” the resolution sent to it by the Tamil Nadu State Legislative Assembly for allowing the use of Tamil as official language in the proceedings of the Madras High Court.

Pushpa said recently the Centre had rejected the demand of Tamil Nadu for the use of Tamil in High Court and urged the Centre to reconsider the decision. To this, Naidu said it will be an ideal situation if people could use local languages in the high courts of their states.

“This will be an ideal situation if the country moves in this direction. For that, there has to be broad consensus. Everybody should agree…,” the Chairman said. In his Zero Hour mention, Sanjay Singh (AAP) raised the issue of sealing in Delhi saying the move has affected 7 lakh traders and a large number of others who are dependent on them.

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He said that as per a news report, Delhi traders have paid Rs 4,000 crore towards conversion fee and sealing process was still going on. Singh said markets like Chandni Chowk and Sadar Bazar, which are in existence since Mughal and British era, are also being affected due to the sealing drive.

The AAP member urged the government to bring a bill to stop sealing. Congress MP Rajani Patil raised the issue of reservation for women in Parliament and state assemblies. Naidu said the issue raised by Patil was “good”. “This is a challenge before the entire nation. We all gave a commitment. We should honour it at the earliest,” the Rajya Sabha Chairman said.