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Lekhi confident of victory in New Delhi constituency


BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi during a press conference in Kolkata on Oct.27, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

New Delhi: Meenakshi Lekhi, the BJP candidate from the prestigious New Delhi parliamentary seat, is confident of her victory and says it is reflected in the warm response she is receiving from people on the streets.

“People of the country have taken a call. They are unhappy with the prevailing conditions and are hopeful that their are aspirations can be met if a person like Narendra Modi becomes the leader or people like ‘me’ reach parliament to represent their constituency,” Lekhi said.

 She said that the country has been rules for almost 60 years by the same government and family and people now want change.
“People are unhappy and dissatisfied. They are yearning for change and for the conditions to change, we have to change the direction,” she said.

While Congress has fielded Ajay Maken and AAP has put up Ashish Khaitan against her, Lekhi dismmissed them both saying they are two sides of the same coin.

Attacking Maken, Lekhi said that the MP in the area is being called as “gunshuda sansad” as they have not seen him in the area even once during his tenure.

“The residents complain that post Jagmohan ji there has been no development in the area,” she said.

As for the AAP, she said it has been in ‘save the Congress campaign’.

With less than 48 hours left for the Lok sabha polls to begin in the national Capital, Lekhi today visited various assembly segments of her constituency.

Lekhi started her campaign trail today by meeting morning walkers at a park and chatting with them.

The residents who gathered there expressed their desire to see her in Parliament.

Then she went to Shaik Sarai and walked through the lane and bylanes of the area, going from door-to door. Residents peered out from the roofs and windows of their houses to catch a glimpse of the BJP candidate.

Lekhi highlighted her vision document for development in New Delhi called the ‘Punchnama’ which comprised of five core issues of safety, housing, employment, clean drinking water and electricity.

 She then visited the IIT Delhi campus where she got a warm welcome from the students and staff.

From there Lekhi reached a nearby Jat dominated village Adhchini where the villagers complained about the poor amenities in the village which has been neglected for several years, adding that they were pinning their hopes on her.

The village head along with the residents also assured her of their support.

“You are like our daughter and we will keep your dignity and respect. We will support you,” said the village head as the others nodded in support.