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Kerala Floods: Woman refuses to leave her dogs behind during rescue operation


Kerala floods has devastated entire state and life of the people of Kerala has come to a standstill. Not only humans but animals are also effected. We come across many humanitarian stories of rescue from the Kerala floods and now a post is going viral on social media where 18 dogs and their owner were rescued by a team of activists from Chennai. A Facebook post, accompanied by pictures and videos, details the rescue operation and is now going viral.

According to the post, shared by Facebook user Shravan Krishnan yesterday, the owner of the dogs, a woman, was likely a backyard breeder and hoarder. She lived next to the backwaters and her house had water up to 10 feet. “The team had to take a boat in and rescue these animals from neck deep water,” says the post. Pictures and clips shared show some dogs in cages while some sat on different household items away from the water.

The entire operation took place for 2 hours, and dogs and owner were moved to safe place.

The post also mentions how rescuers have been working tirelessly and selflessly. “We are extremely proud of our boys from Chennai. They have been on road for the last three days traveling to flood affected regions and rescuing as many animals as possible. They have been sleeping on the pavement and inside the car. They have been running around with no or minimum food for the last three days,” says the post.