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Kejriwal, Modi to vie for dominance in Indore skies


Indore: Lok Sabha elections may be four months away, but Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal would be fighting it out in the Indore skies much before that.

Ahead of the Makar Sankranti festival, kite makers here have come out with Modi and Kejriwal brands of kites.

No ‘Rahul brand’ kites are to be seen.

“We have introduced Modi brand and Kejriwal brand kites of different sizes, carrying the photographs of the two leaders,” kite-seller Sohrab Hussain says.

Price ranges from Rs five to Rs 50, he says.

Modi brand kites come in — no prizes for guessing — saffron colour, carrying the photograph of the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, while Kejriwal kites show him with the trademark AAP cap.

Both brands are selling like hot cakes, says Hussain.

Last year, ‘Anna brand’ kites were popular. But Hazare’s disciple seems to have upstaged him this year, as very few kites bearing the Gandhian’s photograph are to be seen in the market.