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Karnataka Crime: Man beheads wife in rage, carries severed head to police station 20 km away


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In a bizarre incident, a man beheaded his wife, packed her head in a plastic and arrived at police station to surrender. The chilling incident took place in Karntaka’s Chickmangaluru. Satish after returning home found his wife, Roopa, with another man. In anger, Satish beheaded his wife’s head with machete, while other man managed to escape with injuries.

Satish, in his early 30s, married Roopa about nine years back and has two children. Roopa allegedly had a relationship with another man of the same village. Earlier, Satish had reportedly warned both of them.

On Sunday, When Satish returned from Bangalore he found both of them together, and he beheaded his wife on the spot and then carried the head in a bag and on his two-wheeler to the police station, 20 km away. He took out the severed head from the bag and entered the police station holding her head in his hand by the hair.