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Judiciary, EC, RBI being ‘torn apart’ under BJP government, says Rahul Gandhi in UK


Rahul Gandhi at Bucerius Summer SchoolPTI Photo

London: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday alleged that the judiciary, election commission (EC) and RBI are being “torn apart” under the BJP government and PM Modi has insulted every Indian by saying that no development had happened before 2014.

Addressing members of the Indian Overseas Congress here, he said the PM insulted every Indian by saying that no development activity happened in the last 70 years. “India shows the future to the world. The people of India made this possible, and the Congress helped them. If the PM says nothing had happened before he assumed office, he is not commenting on the Congress, he is insulting every person of the country,” Gandhi said.

The Congress president alleged that at present, Dalits, farmers, tribal people, minorities, the poor in India are told that they will not get anything, and “if they raise their voice, they are beaten up”. Gandhi claimed that the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act has been “destroyed and scholarships have been discontinued”. “Today in India, people are discriminated against on the basis of caste and religion. Marginalised are betrayed, while people like Anil Ambani benefit,” he alleged.

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“Institutions such as the Supreme Court, Election Commission of India and Reserve Bank of India, which are the walls of our country, are being torn apart now,” Gandhi alleged. It was the first time that four senior-most judges of the apex court come out in public earlier this year to say they were not being allowed to work, he said.

Gandhi said that China creates 50,000 jobs a day, while India creates only 450 during that period, and unemployment was a pressing issue. “Our farmers need help. Our youth needs education, elderly people need healthcare. But, there is no discussion on the issues of farmers, education and health care,” he said. Lauding the contribution of non-resident Indians in development of the country, Gandhi said, “Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, B R Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru were all NRIs. They travelled the world and helped India with new perspectives”. Meanwhile, he compared PM Modi with US President Donald Trump, saying people voted for them as they were angry due to unemployment and had much expectations from them.

He said, “The people who support Trump, Modi and other leaders, or more populist leaders, are doing so because they are angry. And they are angry because they don’t have a job. Modi, instead of calming this anger and accepting that there is a job problem… he does something unpatriotic, he takes that anger and utilises it for himself and he damages our country. Modi is not going to give you a solution. They (Trump and Modi) have created enormous amount of damage and a new breed of person has to repair this damage and solve their problem.”

Pro-Khalistanis try to disrupt Rahul event

Three pro-Khalistan supporters entered an event where Congress president Rahul Gandhi was to address his last public meeting in the UK and tried to disrupt it but were escorted out by Scotland Yard before his arrival. The incident happened on Saturday evening at the venue of the Indian Overseas Congress UK Mega Conference for the Indian diaspora in Ruislip in West London.