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Jaya says she was not chasing power at Centre



Chennai: In the backdrop of regional satraps not required to play any role in government formation at the Centre with BJP scoring a clear victory, AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa today asserted her wish for winning bulk of the 39 seats in Tamil Nadu was not borne out of desire for power but to strengthen the hands of people of the state.

The Chief Minister had appealed to the electorate to vote for her party candidates in good numbers to protect Tamil Nadu’s interests and root out the Congress, whom she accused of having scaled new heights of corruption and its ally DMK.

“I requested people to strengthen my hands with a view to ensuring justice for Tamil Nadu and its due rights. I had undertaken a whirlwind campaign not for my selfish motives of attaining posts (power) but for the common good of welfare of people of Tamil Nadu,” she said in a thanksgiving statement.

With her AIADMK set for a spectacular victory notching up 37 seats, making it the third largest group in Lok Sabha, Jayalalitha hit out at Congress and DMK, calling the national party ‘corrupt and anti-people’ and her archrival the ‘fountain head of corruption.’

However, she made no mention of the BJP in the statement but assured that she will strive for the implementation of promises made in her party’s election manifesto with the help of the next government.

In the run up to the polls, AIADMK supporters had chanted ‘Jaya for PM’ chorus following her bid to win all 40 seats in Tamil Nadu (39) and Puducherry (1) in anticipation of a bigger political role in the national scene.

In her first reaction earlier, she said there was no situation that facilitates AIADMK’s participation in the central government.

“I wish the new government well. I wish the new Prime Minister well. And I hope that the new government that will be formed at the Centre will be friendly towards Tamil Nadu,” she said.