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International Yoga Day 2016: What does Yoga mean to you?

Oshin Fernandes gets advice from some of the most popular Yoga Practitioners about this ancient practice. 


Number of years in practice: Over 10 years

School of Yoga: Suyperyoga

Clients: Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Anushka Sharma

Eefa Shrof

Eefa Shrof

“The thing to remember is that the yogis and sadhakas (yoga students like myself) were ridiculously ahead of their times and passionately fierce men who weren’t afraid to lead the world with their thoughts, words and actions. So please stop falling prey to idiots who steal your power, money and mojo by fooling people with their appearance. I wish more people would pick up the yoga sutras and read. Yoga is the most beautiful and empowering of all sciences, philosophies and arts…in my humble option at least. Don’t waste it by fussing over green tea from Java and organic chocolate from wherever, gluten free bread from Germany and other nonsense that gives people a false sense of significant these days. Practice yoga and become a more contributing global citizen! That’s yoga for me.”


Number of years in practice: Over 44 years

School of Yoga: Iyengar Yoga

“Nothing is going to change in yoga day, yoga should be completely whole year, it is not a day, it is the question of constant practice, and a yoga day won’t solve any problems, i have been practicing since last 44 years, yoga day is good for general publicity, or just to promote the subject but it actually needs to be done all around the year. Yoga is a subject where you can physically, mentally develop the body, mind and later on it’s on the spiritual side. One needs to have love for this subject, not because your picture will go around in the newspapers or television on Yoga Day.”

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Number of years in practice: Over 15 years

School of Yoga: Hatha Yoga

“Yoga is so versatile in nature, a graceful and a well composed mind comes naturally when you practice yoga regularly. As a modern person when we have so much stress, it becomes very easy for us, to handle that stress gracefully. We associate yoga with asana alone, an asana is just a tiny part of yoga, so most of us be it the practitioners or promoters are actually promoting the asana pranayam and what I follow more is the hatha yoga.”


Number of years in practice: Over 15 years

School of Yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Vandana Yadav

Vandana Yadav

“Yoga is not a one hour practice we do, it’s a lifestyle…It’s being present, being aware, being mindful of our presence in this world…of giving back more than we receive from this world…Of spreading the light of compassion, healing, love from our heart to the world we live in…It’s not about feeling great after a yoga class but spreading that good feeling and making someone else feel good who may need your love and attention that day. Your practice of yoga ends in savasana in class, and your yoga starts once you leave class.”


Number of years in practice: Over 25 years

School of Yoga: Iyengar Yoga

 “There is no such thing as modern yoga it is unfortunate to see yoga considered as a fusion of old and new, it is just logically marketed well. When you say yoga it has to touch all the aspects, be it aerial yoga, power yoga, or anything else, you cannot just highlight one aspect at the cost of the other. Our body is a vessel which contains mind, senses and consciousness, so in the asana when we do the postures, through this vessel; we try to access its content. Unfortunately today most people are trying to access only the vessel, the looks. For us it was not the looks but the vessel and its content considered as important. People have completely changed the perception of what yoga is supposed to be.”