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Infiltration reduced during new central regime: Rajnath


New Delhi: Ever since the BJP-led government took office at the Centre, infiltration from across the Pakistan border into the Kashmir Valley has sharply gone down, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said on Tuesday.

“In 2013, there were 297 incidents of infiltration, which decreased to 10 in 2015. In 2014, there were 165 infiltrations,” Rajnath Singh told reporters during a media interaction. He said infiltration attempts have also reduced. “There were 277 attempts of infiltration in 2103 which was reduced to 222 in 2014 and lastly the figure came down at 86 in 2015,” the BJP leader said.

The home minister also said that since the new government took over in May 2014, 165 terrorists were killed that included militants of Hizbul Mujahiddin and Lashkar-e-Taiba. “In 2013, only 67 terrorists were killed whereas in 2014, the total number of terrorists killed was 110,” he said. “Two Pakistani terrorists were also arrested,” he added.

He also claimed that incidents of left-wing extremism have also come down to 33 percent since the Narendra Modi government took over at the centre. On the increasing protests in Jammu and Kashmir, Rajnath Singh said the situation was not worrying, and there has been “no effective protest”. He said there was “no threat” to the BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir, and all minister of the central government were focussing on the state.